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Early Autumn Days

Posted on September 22, 2019 at 9:19 AM

We are now back into the new school term and the start of Autumn . Glorious Summer days are fading and the evenings are drawing in. Let's hope we get some good weather to help us complete those jobs in the garden and outbuildings that we have not managed to get done ready for the Winter. We will also now be looking forward to Christmas and New Year celebrations. There is a lot of preparation to do and another job that probably keeps getting put off due to lack of time, and of course massive effort, is that thorough deep clean of the oven! Remember though, if it is being used daily, it can quite quickly get a build-up of grease and carbon and after several months it can seem impossible to get really clean using over the counter products. That is where Neil Cox Oven Cleaning comes to the rescue. I will carry out a full deep clean of your oven, including the racks, lamp cover, fan, panels, door glass, door seals and knobs and leave it looking as close to showroom condition as I can. I am also happy to clean your hob, extractor and microwave, if required. Just give me a call for a no-obligation quote on 07469 975826, or email me at telling me what appliance you have and where you are located - the first steps to getting a sparkling 'new' oven. Leave the rest to me!! **You will be AMAZED**

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