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Summer Preparation

Posted on June 24, 2019 at 12:25 PM

Well we have had the longest day and are now into the real Summer months, although some of t

he weather we have had recently would make you wonder about that!

With school holidays on the horizon, most people will be planning their annual family getaways, but meanwhile normal daily life has to go on. Clearing out the garage or shed, tidying the garden or preparing the house for visitors.

Another job, and one that many people hate to think about, is cleaning the oven. It is not an easy or pleasant task, so why not let a professional oven cleaner do it for you? You can meanwhile get on and enjoy your day, either relaxing with a good book or getting those other jobs done that need your attention, knowing your oven will be left looking as close to showroom condition as possible. The best thing about this is do not have to do it yourself!!

Why not give me a call on 07469 975826 or 07818 220513, or write to me at for a free no-obligation quote to carry out a full deep clean of your appliance. Go on treat yourself! Save yourself time and effort and be wowed with the outstanding results!!

P.S. Best to get your Aga cleaned when you don't need it on for heating purposes!

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